Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hacking WII without chip

WII 3.1 E
My Wii has been hacked correctly by this way:
Situation of beginning: Wii with IOS36 Version 3.1 E
Supposing you have the Home Brew Channel(HBC) installed: I installed it by means of Zelda game.

Install the cIOS 249 by Waninkoko, version IOS36 revision 10.
Later, you have to update the cIOS with the cIOS 249 Versión X rev 20b.

You can find both cIOS in this web page:

Finally, you should install the cfg usb loader:

Now, you have your WII prepared to load your iso games from a Hard Disk. You must have a prepared hard disk, that is, having a partition in wbfs format.
You can use the WBFS manager program for this. This program also serves to add the isos from your PC to the WBFS partition of your HD.

Thank you.