Thursday, 2 September 2010

Error call AJAX JQuery

Error call AJAX with JQuery

I’m sure that you have ever had this problem.

" Access to restricted URI denied ” code: “ 1012 "

Or the AJAX request with JQuery is correct but it seems that don’t run?

Well, is very important to ensure that the call is being made to a service within the same domain as the AJAX service.

I always do the following: I create a web Service likes a Proxy. This will make the intermediary between the AJAX page and the world.

That is, our AJAX page always connect with our Proxy web Service, and this will implement the necessary calls to Internet.

Once done, our AJAX web and our Proxy web Service always will be together anywhere where we deploy them.

I personally, to create the Proxy web Service, use Java, creating a REST service with the Jersey library help. (this library is used to server and client).

Later I will post a small tutorial on how to create a web Service REST in JAVA and how call to another web Service from JAVA.

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